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Leading the way with tonari’s first international installation, Leave a Nest connected their co-working spaces at Block71 in Singapore and Center of Garage in Tokyo. As a shared space, tonari is open for use by staff, partners, startups, and researchers in their community.
A speaker presents to an audience across Singapore and Tokyo

Leave a Nest supports deep-tech startups and researchers in science and technology across Japan, Asia, and the world. They are also partnered with Real Tech Holdings, a deep-tech VC, and Glocalink, a seed-stage accelerator. Together, they installed tonari in their spaces at Block71 in Singapore and Center of Garage in Tokyo.

Their tonari space was built to enable stronger community-building across their ecosystem; to provide companies, startups and researchers the ability to meet and communicate face-to-face without traveling; and to support the teams at Leave a Nest and Real Tech Holdings with their work and expansion from Japan to Singapore.


tonari at Block71 / Center of Garage (Left: Singapore Right: Tokyo)

Their space was designed to be open and approachable for numerous international companies and communities, while also supporting private meetings when needed.

At Center of Garage in Tokyo, tonari is installed in an acoustically sealed glass room within a larger common space, for easy access among co-working members and visitors. Large glass walls ensure visibility and a sense of openness, while still allowing for private face-to-face meetings when the doors are closed.

At Block71 in Singapore, tonari is installed in the offices of Leave a Nest Singapore, which also operates as a co-working space for the startups and researchers in their community. Thanks of its smaller size, no glass partitions were necessary; instead, private meetings can be accommodated through a shared booking calendar.

Furniture across the spaces was selected to be flexible to accommodate a variety of uses and group sizes, creating a space with a sense of comfort and intimacy for deeper conversations.


Being here, I feel Japan and Singapore are closer than ever before — just like we’re in the same room. It’s like having a “dokodemo door”, a childhood dream finally come true through advanced technology. We set up tonari here because we want to create a hotspot for deep tech startups. Through the use of tonari, we want to further accelerate collaboration and connect the ecosystems between Japanese and Singaporean startups. Akitaka Wilhelm Fuji, President, Real Tech Holdings

When I first heard about tonari, I was skeptical about how “united” it would feel. After experiencing it, my mind changed. I’ve been working here at Leave a Nest Singapore for 12 years and I want to share that I feel physically close to Tokyo without flying! I can meet people in Tokyo now. This is very important when thinking about innovation, because when you “meet” great people that’s the moment when you can actually make things happen. Sharing exciting moments can bring many things to the world, and I hope that through tonari, we can create an exchange of education and knowledge between Japan and Singapore that will also spark the curiosity of the younger generation. Dr. Kihoko Tokue, President, Leave a Nest Singapore

The moment I sat down, I recalled the world depicted in a science fiction book I read as a child. I think it’s really wonderful how that world has now been brought to life. Most successful partnerships begin with a relationship of mutual trust. Yet, words and speech can only communicate 5% of what we wish to convey. Trust is something that we convey through our entire body. Moving forward, even as we expect more Japanese companies to land in Singapore, and because of new technology like tonari’s, the communications can become much smoother. Edwin Chow, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore


Group photo across Singapore and Japan
Presenting from LVNS Singapore at Block71
tonari’s glass room in Center of Garage Tokyo
Inside the room at Center of Garage
Leave a Nest and Real Tech Holdings members having a casual chat
Employees at Leave a Nest bump into each other
Communicating with an audience across Singapore and Tokyo