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freee’s new Tokyo Headquarter and Osaka office are connected via tonari to create a flexible and unified environment where engineers can work from anywhere. It also serves as a powerful recruiting tool as part of their attractive workplace
Osaka and Tokyo engineers doing a code review together

freee — which has been selected among the top 10 "Best Workplaces" in Japan for eight years running — is investing to create more face-to-face opportunities for their employees. Having experienced physical and emotional distance through remote work during the pandemic, their vibrant offices are built to promote more engaging discussions and a stronger sense of unity across the company.

In August 2022, freee relocated its Tokyo headquarters to Art Village Osaki Central Tower, and introduced tonari to connect to their Osaka office. By connecting areas used by the engineering teams, tonari creates an environment where communication, design brainstorming, and collaborative programming can proceed smoothly for colleagues regardless of their locations.


freee’s tonari (Left: Tokyo Right: Osaka)

freee's tonari connects engineering teams in their new Tokyo HQ with their growing Osaka office.

The tonari space provides an open collaboration and breakout area in close proximity to the desks of several Tokyo and Osaka engineering teams. Because tonari is located along corridors where people frequently pass by, it enables spontaneous catch-ups and a feeling of constant connection. Colleagues also regularly book the space for "face-to-face" pair programming, as well as lunch and tea time.

The furniture around tonari is selected to be easy to move around, and allows for flexible layout changes for small and large groups, including casual conversations, side-by-side collaboration, and group discussions like project kickoffs and brainstorms.


Bridging the gap between offline and online, tonari is an experience beyond what I expected. It makes me want to wave and call out to our members in Osaka! We talk and shape each other through tonari in situations that require close communication and abstract discussions, like when kicking off a new project. In the long run, we want to create an environment where team members can contribute strongly regardless of location. Inamura-san, Manager, Tokyo office

I am the only member working in Osaka in a five-person team, so I am thrilled to be able to feel the energy of the Tokyo team and work as one with them through tonari. freee is very flexible in allowing us to choose where we live and work. Yoko-san, Engineer, Osaka Office


freee、大崎にオフィス移転 「行きたくなるオフィス」に
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A space for casual greetings and team-building
Meeting between Tokyo and Osaka
A casual group lunch
Face-to-face peer programming in a team split between Osaka and Tokyo